Our community say the funniest things!

“If I hop on a plane will I get my steps up?”

Building a community of kids that have a fun and rewarding experience within Elanation was always our team’s vision. This is why we made sure our customers (children) were a part of our design, development and execution process every step of the way.

Fill this year’s santa stocking full of fitness and virtual playground fun

Fill this year’s Santa stocking full of fitness and virtual playground fun with ETURBO. As the world’s only kids fitness wearable which syncs with a safe (no photo sharing or GPS tracking functionalities), kid-friendly and fun online world ETURBO rewards all real world exercise with virtual world fun. Priced at $129.00, ETURBO will be available on November 24 from www.elanation.com

Radio Interview with POWER FM

It says in the terms and conditions that to use a normal fitness wearable, the user must be 13+ years of age. This is to help keep kids safe because of location and other data collected by the units. So KATHERINE PACE has created a fitness wearable that is completely safe for kids to use and it’s called the E-Turbo. We got the scoop on it this morning.