Elanation and Melissa Barbieri Hit Albury

Last week we held an action-packed soccer clinic⁠—the second in a series of sports clinics planned across Australia.  For this leg of the tour, we were excited to bring former Matildas Soccer Captain Melissa Barbieri to the kids of Albury. To kick things off, Melissa shared her number one goal for the day—stay safe &…

Kids, Mindfulness and Anxiety

Life is busy and stressful.  It’s hard to slow down in a fast-paced world—even though a short mindful break is what kids and adults sometimes need the most.  Just as we focus on healthy habits around food, sleep and exercise for physical health, it’s equally important to consider those which support our mental health. Mindfulness…

Elanation PwC-Family-Offer-3

Elanation launches PwC Family Offer in May

Elanation is excited to kick off our PwC Family Partnership this month. Pwc and Elanation join forces in our mission to give 1 billion kids access to 1 million skills . Together we will offer PwC Families across the country an affordable and exciting solution to a growing problem. More Aussie parents find it harder…

Wil doing Elanation Fitness Skills

What’s your #sundayskills?

A big shoutout to Elanation tester Wil for mastering his first ever #sundayskills this weekend! Due to the rainy weather in NSW, he had plenty of time to explore the new Elanation sports skills and get some real inspo from Elanation fitness coach PT Dave. Wil tried out PT Dave’s cool fitness skills the ‘crunching…


Software engineer with experience in AWS stack; Cognito, S3, Cloudfront.. 

Languges used: C#, Objective-C, Swift, Java, Native C++, Typescript

Takes ownership. Team player. Independent learner.