Elanation’s Global Mission 

Get 1 Billion Kids Active Daily 

Elanation’s Global Mission 


Get 1 Billion Kids Active Daily 


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We believe that every human is born with a super ability. However, in today’s busy lives, it is harder than ever for parents to give their children access to a full spectrum of health and fitness activities – it’s harder than ever for Kids to unlock their hidden superpowers. 


Independent Growth

We exist to get more kids active daily. The Elanation app is a gateway to endless hours of physical and healthy fun; at home, before and after-school, on the weekend or at a family BBQ. Kids gain exclusive access to hundreds of inspirational skill tutorials, learning via step-by-step or follow-along videos professionally produced by Elanation’s elite team of athletes and coaches.


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Elanation’s co-founders Aimee Atkins (COO) and Katherine Maree Pace (CEO) began realising the Elanation dream in 2016. Their backgrounds in children’s entertainment, industrial design and competitive sport have bolstered a network of investors, engineers, athletes and designers to join the community mission in building a trusted brand for the kids technology and sport world. 

International Awards and Media Coverage

‘Elan’ means…

The name ‘Elanation’ was born on a walk through a Sydney park. In latin, the word ‘Elan’ means “energy, style, and enthusiasm”. Merged with the word ‘nation”, ‘Elanation’ defines our team’s deep value to create a global nation of children who play energetically and enthusiastically without borders.

At the centre of all of our design and engineering decisions is the consideration of a child’s mental and physical health. We put the child first, without comprising ‘style’ for education. 

The Elanation star pays tribute to the seven-pointed Commonwealth Star, representing our team’s Australian heritage. We wanted a symbol that represented our beginnings, as well as our approach of inspiring children to always ‘reach for the stars’, in every goal that they set for themselves.



Elanation has been nominated and won a number of consumer technology awards across the Australian, American and China regions. Some awards include:  

Winner, No.1 EdTech Startup, Global Silicon Valley Competition 2020 USA, No.1 Founder in Asia Pacific 2018 StartCon, Winner, People’s Choice Wild Card TechCrunch Disrupt, San Francisco 2017, USA – Winner, People’s Choice, National Internet of Things Summit, October 2016, Australia – Winner, StarUP, National Internet of Things Summit, October 2016, Australia – Winner, Best Lifestyle Consumer Technology, Overseas Talent and Entrepreneurship, Beijing 2016 – Winner, Australian Best Startup, Overseas Talent and Entrepreneurship Conference, APAC, July 2016 – Winner, Start Up China, Winner of Chengdu Innovate, Chengdu China, 2016


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