Meet your child’s new Meditation Instructor. 

Twelve years ago, the SriLankan born and bred Arjanna first discovered and fell in love with the 8 limbed path of yoga, which includes physical movement (asana), awareness of breath pranayama) and meditation (dhyana).

Experiencing first-hand the massively positive effects these practices had on her then busy life working as a Medical Scientist and training as an endurance athlete, Arjanna started her quest to learn as much as she could about the ancient techniques and philosophies underpinning the beautiful practices of yoga and meditation from the most authentic sources she could find around the world.

Arjanna currently teaches yoga and meditation to diverse populations and communities which include studios in metropolitan Sydney and her home base in NSW’s Central Coast, and consults with media, conscious festivals/movements and corporate initiatives. She also facilitates mindfulness retreats immersed in nature and is open for personal mentorship nationally and internationally.

Through her work, she hopes to impart awareness of body, breath and self, to empower those in her communities to find their own authentic way of being both on and off the mat/meditation seat.

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