An NBA Skills Coach and a world-renowned basketball clinician. Some of the best players in the world travel directly to DJ for training. DJ is known for his unique ability to combine advanced player development skill work into game like situations.

Most recently, DJ was asked to join Adidas Basketball as one of six trainers in the world to represent the Global brand. DJ is the lead director of Adidas Nations Training Camp, one of the most coveted camps in the world.

DJ is sought out by many of the top ESPN ranked high school players in the country for his knowledge in player development.

DJ has spent time with multiple college and NBA coaches this summer, working along side: Tom Crean, Sam Mitchell, Seth Greenberg and Kaleb Canales to name a few. He has received high praise from his peers about his expertise in player development.

“I’m 51 and I’ve been a head coach for 18 years, and I’ve learned more watching DJ in one week, that I could have possibly imagined.” Tom Crean – Indiana Hoosiers Head Coach

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