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Elanation Kids Sports Network App


The Elanation Sports App is FREE to download on the APPLE Store and Google Play Store. 

It is currently available in Australia and New Zealand.

Apple Store

Google Play Store

The Elanation Kids Sports Network has been designed for kids, parents and family members to use together.

This means everyone in the family can download their very own Elanation app and stay up to date on all their kids health and fitness progress at all times.

Download your own app by clicking the links below.

Apple Store

Google Play Store

  • Please note, a parent account will need to be setup for kids to use the Elanation Kids Sports Network App.

Inside the Parents Portal the parent owner view the following of their kids progress:

  • Steps from ETURBO – today, this week and month
  • How many sports skills their kids have achieved
  • Ability to share this progress to other family members

Coming soon

  • Weekly email reports of your kids steps, heart-rate, sleep and more
  • Ability to view all your kids video skills learnt from inside Elanation


  • Ability to switch to your kids accounts
  • Manage your kids friend requests to either accept or decline
  • Allocate and manage subscriptions passes to your kids accounts
  • Manage the Family Account – ability to add additional family members
  • Reset passwords
  • Change the name of your accounts. Why not update the Parent Portal and Family Account to your name to make it easier.

Parent Account

The Parent Account (portal) is the OWNER of the Elanation account for the families kids accounts.

The OWNER of this account can invite more members into their Family Account, so Mum, Dad, Auntie, Uncle and all Grandparents can keep up to date with the kids fitness and health progress.

Follow the instructions under ‘How I set up my family account’ below.

Now you can share your kids progress with the rest of your family.

To set this up, head to your Parent Profile and follow the below instructions.

  1. Select the Family tab on bottom right of your profile
  2. Under Members, select INVITE MEMBERS to add more family members
  3. The members you invite will receive an email to enter your family Elanation account. Please note, all new family members will need to create an Elanation account to view the progress of your kids activity.

Download the Elanation App to join in the fun.

Apple Store

Google Play

We’re excited that you want to access all the sports skills videos

Once you download the app, you will be prompted to create a Parent’s account and a child’s account. To access the videos, you will choose from one of three membership subscription options by clicking the ALLOCATE PASS button inside the Parent Portal. Once you have a valid subscription, your family will access an unlimited amount of sports skills specifically designed for youth.

All memberships have a 14 day free trial.

Membership starts at $4,99/month for the Elanation Sports Network App.

1 child membership is $4,99/month AUD

3-4 child memberships is $12,99/month AUD

3-4 child memberships is 124.99/year AUD saving 30%

Look inside the Elanation app for LIVE offers and plans today.

Apple Store

Google Play Store

Download today to start your 14 day free trial.

ETURBO+ Sports Watch

Charging your ETURBO+ 

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to charge your ETURBO+.

  1. Peel back the Sports Watch Band from your ETURBO+ device
  2. Remove ETURBO+ device from the Sports Watch band
  3. Plug ETURBO+ device into a USB port. Make sure the gold prongs connect correctly with the USB port.
    • Note: You can use any phone or computer USB port to charge your ETURBO+
    • Note: Try both directions when plugging into a USB port
  4. The ETURBO+ should vibrate, light up, and show a percentage charger on screen when charging correctly
  5. Charging will take 1 hour to fully charge
  6. Battery life lasts 4-7 days

Setting up your new ETURBO+ is so easy and fun.

Please Note: If your family have more than one ETURBO+ make sure you turn all ETURBO+ off and only have one ETURBO+ on to sync for the first time. This will make it easy for setting up your account. The ‘Off’ button can be found in the ETURBO+ settings screen. For more information head to ‘How to use my ETURBO+’. To turn the ETURBO+ back on plug it into a USB port, as shown in ‘How to charge my new ETURBO+’

Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Make sure your ETURBO+ is charged
  2. Download the Elanation Kids Sports Network App from the iOS or Android Store.
  3. Check your mobile device settings to make sure the bluetooth is ON
  4. Make sure your mobile device location settings is active and ON
  5. Make sure the location settings for the Elanation App is ON and active (you will find this setting within your App Settings in your mobile device)
  6. Open up your Elanation App
  7. Select ‘Let’s get Started’ to set up your Family account
  8. A parent will need to setup this account and verify their email address when prompted
  9. Once inside the app, setup your kid account
  10. When in your kid account, select your profile on the menu bar
  11. Select ETURBO button inside your profile
  12. Make sure your ETURBO+ screen is on and near your mobile device when trying to pair
  14. You should see ‘Elanation’ appear. Click on ‘Elanation’ to connect.
  15. Wait for your ETURBO+ to connect to the Elanation app, this might take a minute (your ETURBO will vibrate)
  16. You will now notice the time and date on your ETURBO+ has changed to the correct time
  17. Enter your VIP Loyalty Card number.
    • Note: It is best to write your account details on the back of your Loyalty Card and keep it somewhere safe. Then you can always refer back to your card if you forget your password.


Please Note: If you are having trouble connecting to a Samsung device try our guidelines under FAQ, ‘The ETURBO won’t sync with my Samsung Device’.

Learn how to use your new ETURBO+ below

  • Swipe ETURBO+ screen to activate device.

Tap screen to activate its 5 core functions

  • Time, Date and Weather
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Step Count
  • KM
  • Stop watch

Swipe screen to activate the following Modes

  • Training – 8 sports modes
  • Relax / Mindfulness
  • Weather
  • No messages – coming soon 
  • More

How to use your 8 Training Modes

  • Tap screen to move through your 8 sports modes; Tennis, Basketball, Football, Dance, Hiking, Cycling, Walking, Running
  • Once you have selected a sports mode, hold down play button for 3 seconds to activate sports mode
  • Whilst in sports mode you can monitor your steps, distance, time, speed and average speed, average and maximum heart rate and calories burned for the whole duration
  • To stop sports mode, tap ETURBO+, hold down stop button for 3 seconds
  • Press save data. Then tap through your results on your ETURBO+ screen by tapping the circle on your ETURBO+ device
  • Head into your ETURBO+ settings to see your saved data

How to use Relax / Mindfulness

When your heart rate exceeds its normal rate the relax functionality will start working. You can also use this function whenever you like.

  • Tap the relax / mindfulness screen
  • Follow the breathing instruction
  • Now you should feel much more relaxed, well done.


Tap the more screen to enter your ETURBO+ settings

ETURBO+ Settings

  • Moon Symbol – ETURBO+ vibration – ON/OFF
  • Stop watch – ON/OFF | Start/Stop
  • Clock face – 5 ETURBO+ watch screens to choice from. Swipe through each screen, and tap when you have selected the screen you like
  • Flick wrist – ON/OFF. This allows you to move your wrist to turn your screen on.
  • Alarm Clock – Tap through your created alarms
  • Heart rate – ON/OFF
  • Sports Mode saved Data. Tap screen to flick through different results. Swipe to access more data.
  • Bluetooth – ON/OFF. Make sure this stays on to connect with your ETURBO+.
  • Camera – coming soon
  • Power off – This will turn the ETURBO+ off. To turn back on plug into a USB port.
  • Sleep progress – Check your progress in your profile area inside the Elanation app. You must wear it at night to track your sleep.

Setting up the time and date is easy to do.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Follow the step by step instructions ‘How to set up your new ETURBO+’
  2. When you connect your ETURBO+ for the first time the correct time and date will update
  3. To update time and date in the Elanation Kids App, head to your profile, select ETURBO button, then SYNC ETURBO.

Note: The time and date on the ETURBO+ goes by the time and date on your mobile device.

  • Make sure you are logged into your app and have connected your ETURBO
  • Head to your profile icon inside the Elanation app
  • Click ETURBO
  • Click settings in top right
  • Click Eturbo Settings
  • Click Alarms
  • Use the + symbol to add new alarm times

Keep it Clean.

Regularly clean your ETURBO and wrist—especially after playing sport, running around the playground and sweating. Rinse the ETUBRO with water. Do NOT use hand soap, body soap, dish soap, hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes or household cleaners which could get trapped beneath the band and irritate skin. Always dry the ETURBO well before putting it back on.

To remove build-up of lotions and oils (such as sunscreen, insect repellent and moisturizers) that can be trapped beneath the ETURBO, we recommend that you use a soap-free cleanser, rinse thoroughly, and dry well. For tough spots, stains or buildup on your band, scrub with a wet soft-bristled toothbrush.

Keep it Dry

While the ETURBO is water proof*, it’s not good for your skin to wear a wet band for long periods of time. If your ETURBO gets wet—like after sweating or showering—rinse and dry it thoroughly before putting it back on your wrist. Be sure your skin is dry before you put your ETURBO back on. Even though ETURBO is swim-proof, it’s important to thoroughly dry your band and device, and remove any debris from your device after wearing in the water, to avoid skin irritation.

Keep it Loose

Make sure your ETURBO isn’t too tight. Wear it loosely enough that it can move back and forth on your wrist. For better heart rate readings during exercise, Elanation suggests wearing the ETURBO so it’s secure, but not too tight, and wearing the ETURBO higher on your wrist (about 2-3 finger widths above your wrist bone). Lower the ETURBO on your wrist and loosen it after exercise.

Other Tips and Tricks

If you have eczema, allergies or asthma you may be more likely to experience a skin irritation or allergy from a wearable device. Whether you have the conditions above or not, if you start to experience redness or skin irritation on your wrist, remove your ETURBO. If symptoms persist longer than 2-3 days of not using your device, speak with your parents/guardians and consult a dermatologist.

If you sweat for more than two hours while wearing your ETURBO, be sure to wash your band and your wrist using the directions above to avoid skin irritation.

ELANATION is happy to provide a 12 month warranty for defective devices. However, if you are rough with your ETURBO and damage the device, we unfortunately will not replace it.

Check our Terms and Conditions for more information

Yes, you can add as many members of your family into one app.

All you need to do is head to your parents portal and scroll down to add more family members.

Once you have added them all in, then toggle between the accounts by using the down arrow next to your Parents Profile Name.

To connect multiple ETURBO’s:

  1. Turn off ETURBO child 1 by swiping to MORE and selecting Power off
  2. Make sure app is up to date
  3. Login to child 2 account
  4. Head to profile area
  5. Select ETURBO
  7. Eturbo should vibrate when connected
  8. Add Loyalty card number child 2
  9. You should now be connected
  10. Logout of account and turn off ETURBO child 2
  11. Turn on ETURBO child 1 by putting into a USB port
  12. Repeat the above instructions using loyalty card number:
  13. Once connected turn on both ETURBOs

Make sure to have only one device turned on at a time to connect it properly:)

It is also best to write your login details on your loyalty card and keep it somewhere safe. Just in case.

Yes. Whether you are at Mum’s house, Dad’s house or your grandparents, the Elanation Kids App allows you to login wherever you are. Just download the app onto each new device and login to you account.

You will need to connect your ETURBO onto each different device.

You will see the bluetooth symbol on the screen of your ETURBO.

  • Is the Bluetooth of your mobile device turned on? Please double check
  • Check your software is higher that iOS8+ for Apple and 4.3 and up for Google Play
  • Check that your ETURBO battery isn’t low – this can effect the syncing process
  • Try logging out of the Elanation Kids App and logging back in

If this didn’t solve your issue try rebooting your mobile Device.


  • No they won’t. At midnight each day your ETURBO steps will reset to ZERO, even if you have added your steps to the mobile app
  • Every time you sync your steps during one day, the app will upload the steps from your last successful sync
  • Note: The App can upload the last 7 days of data from your ETURBO sports watch


  • Head to your Phone Settings
  • Select Apps & Notifications
  • Find the Elanation app in the list of apps and select it
  • Tap on the Permissions
  • Then make sure the Location is turned on in the permissions list
  • Now go back into the Elanation App and go through the sync and connect process

Yes, please check the Apple App Store for updates, ELANATION is always growing.

Elanation is best suited for kids up to 16 years.

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